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How We Got Started

Genuine Foods understands the taste of South Africans and the general deterioration of health of people caused by poor quality foods. The company size allows it to be highly flexible and agile and allows it to setup multiple operations in multiple areas.

The proximity of the company to the communities cuts high overhead costs and high logistical costs and ensure that communities get the maximum value for the food items. Genuine Foods also aims to capture the entire value chain of food production to cut off the multiple profit layers of moving products through the value chain as well as logistical costs. This ensures that maximum value and employment opportunities are created in the community within which we operate.

Genuine Foods business model is centred around the product and community upliftment and we offer a very superior product at low cost..

The company is owned and managed by Directors with  extensive experience and track records in food production. All our operational areas have a strong focus on quality and very little on quantity.

Our clear understanding of farming process and systems as well as the agro processing value chain together with comprehensive stakeholder needs management places us in the forefront of food production.


Our mission is to be the main producer and supplier of agricultural products in South Africa and Africa. Due to the rising unemployment rate in South Africa our aim is shift the core of basic foods from being a profit driven industry to being consumer focused. We also aim to assist in the reduction of the countries carbon footprint by revolutionising the basic foods industry. High Quality foods have always been at the heart of the South African mealtime, however commercialisation has lead to the foods losing quality but increasing in cost. Our aim is to restore the quality of food that is being served to the low income members of our population.


  • Restore  the quality of basic foods consumed by people and the health of our communities, thus reducing pressure on the health system.
  • Reduce the costs of basic foodstuffs by eliminating overhead costs
  • Restore the confidence in the community that foods can be produced by themselves and encourage small scale farming to ensure that our product is sustainable
  • Stimulate entrepreneurship by providing skills and shared ownership with employees and a strong CSI.
  • Establish solid relationships with all stakeholders


  • We tell the truth
  • We do not compromise quality and integrity
  • Our customers are our partners
  • We listen


Orstano street

Silverlakes, Pretoria

South Africa



Tel: 012 817 2004

Fax: 086 592 5946

Email: info@genuineoriginalfoods.co.za

Web: www.genuineoriginalfoods.co.za